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We love good food and we love to share it! Who doesn’t know the incredible feeling of tasting an amazing dish and ask “What´s on the plate?” That Wooow ingredient is Spainery.

Are you searching for a special wine? A delicious cheese? An olive oil with a unique twist? Good products which will make your customers fall in love and this is exactly what we do. We discover new Spanish flavours (not easily accessible) and products with a story behind for you. Love is in the air!

Bye-Bye limits! You design your Spainery plan: easy to use, free registration, wide logistic network in Europe, consolidated ordering and problem management. We do much more than exporting fine food products, we provide all the services you need to get what you want without dealing with any of the problems of doing it.

Do you want it? You got it! Design your plan.

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TOP Spanish brand selection for your business

100% Spanish, with traceability and with story.

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We deliver consolidated orders: 1 order, 1 delivery, 1 invoice

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13005 Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real, Spain


+34 621 02 12 65
+49 176 20 63 86 97

SPAINERY – Amazing Spanish Products
13005 Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real, Spain
+34 621 02 12 65
+49 176 20 63 86 97