Frequently Asked Questions

For the Spanish Suppliers

What Type of products can Spainery distribute?

Spainery is a distributor / exporter of food products exclusively, with the exception of those products that can be considered accessories to food products.

We can distribute products which require dry, temperature-controlled or refrigerated transport. Currently we are unable to distribute frozen products that would require frozen transport and storage.

Currently, we focus mainly on CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods). We do not distribute products in bulk or fresh products that are not contained in a container. There are also restrictions on certain alcoholic beverages and on products with very short shelf lives (less than 4 months). If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

Do you share your European retailers list?

No, but we do provide complete information for those European retailers who place an order containing any of your company’s products and we inform you about the destination of your orders.

Keep in mind, that retailers are not required to place orders through our B2B Marketplace. A retailer can, at any time, directly contact any Spanish supplier that uses our platform if they are interested in purchasing any of their products.

If a retailer discovers a product through our platform that does not generate any obligation to close the deal through it. However, we can offer intermediation services to retailers and mediate operations if they request it.

Where do you currently distribute?

We can distribute to any location in the European Union thanks to our unique logistics model with the exception of remote or impossible to reach locations. Please reach out to us about your needs.

Does Spainery do sales?

We are here to serve you as your distribution and export solution. Once your company signs up and receives its first order from a retailer, we take care of everything else. All you have to do as a supplier is to send the ordered goods to our central warehouses or else to the address provided in your order.

In the event of a Drop Shipping order (an order that contains products only from your company) the international shipment could be carried out directly from your company’s warehouses and we would manage it.

We provide easy ordering, logistics, consolidated deliveries, invoicing, customer service, etc.

There is always a chance that retailers discover you organically on the platform. This is when having strong product descriptions and good pictures helps. However, Spainery does not provide any guarantee of sale and you are responsible for your performance in selling into stores..

Does Spainery require an exclusive?

No. And even more. We offer you the chance to choose in which countries and regions you want to display and sell a product. Our B2B Marketplace offers you the option to choose the countries in which your product is available and in which not. This will help you to avoid conflict with your current exclusive distributors and to reach the markets of countries where you do not yet have a presence.

When will I get paid?

Orders are paid, as a general rule, within 30 days upon reception in our warehouse. That said, there are some exceptions. For instance due to accumulated pending payments or the exceptionally high amount of the operation. All these exceptions can be found in our ​Terms & Conditions​.

For the European Retailers

What are your payment terms?

Orders must be paid at the time of confirmation using the different accepted payment methods. That said, there is the possibility of negotiating financing conditions for orders of a significant size. In this case Spainery will have to request the approval from the Spanish provider first.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are typically delivered within 8 to 18 days depending on the area of ​​Europe in which your shipping address is located. Please let us know if you have a specific receiving day or have a preferred lead-time.

How will the products get to my store?

Spainery consolidates your order in its distribution center and delivers the consolidated order directly to your shipping address (or your store). With Spainery Drop, you will receive the product in a separate shipment directly from the supplier.

Are there promotions for the products on the Spainery catalog?

Yes, Spanish suppliers have the possibility of setting temporary promotions on their products. In addition, you can find products whose price is reduced if you buy a specific number of boxes. Volume discounts are also set by the supplier itself.

Spainery Drop is a system that offers you the possibility of acquiring products from a single supplier, directly from their warehouse, at a more competitive price.

Spainery never sets prices or promotions. Only the suppliers have the power to set their own prices and promotions.

Spainery Drop es un sistema que te ofrece la posibilidad de adquirir productos de un único proveedor, directamente desde su almacén, a un precio más competitivo.

Spainery no fija nunca los precios ni las ofertas. Son los proveedores los únicos que tienen la potestad de fijar sus precios y las promociones.

Can I add some of my direct suppliers onto Spainery?

Absolutely! Spread the word or let us know who they are and our team will reach out and get them listed. You can also put your provider in contact with Spainery by email. We will give personalized attention to your suppliers and ease up their registration on our platform.

How can I benefit from your data?

Through your dashboard. There you can see your order history in real time and also your order trends. We are working on a recommendations feature that will run on machine learning technologies that gathers information on the latest industry trends. This allows you to identify the trending products and optimize for your sales growth.

What are your returns and cancellation policies?

We do not buy back a product if it does not sell. However, we will refund you the corresponding amount if any product arrives at your warehouse damaged. Any cancellation to an order must be communicated to the team within 12 hours and it may have small cancellation costs due to the payment system supplier refund costs.

Can I request samples?

You can easily request samples from the suppliers who offer them by sending an email to ​ and indicating the name and SKU of the products you want. Spainery suppliers will send the samples directly to your store. No supplier is obliged to send samples and those who do send them do so by their own decision.

¿Which means of payment does Spainery accept?

We accept in our B2B Marketplace the following payment methods through the STRIPE virtual POS:
● Payment by debit or credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO y AMERICAN EXPRESS)
● Payment by Google Pay
● Payment by Apple Pay
● Payment by Carte Bancaire.
● Payment by Sofort Überweisung
● Payment by SEPA Direct Debit

Who can I contact if I have questions or need additional help?

Use any of the means of contact that we offer you on our website and we will be happy to assist you.

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