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Few things in life can beat experience. We know first-hand the challenges that any producer or entrepreneur faces. We are doers too!
Join us and tell us your needs.
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Spainery: for Spanish taste experts

Much more than food

there are a lot of platforms out there but we have something special. Spainery s is our matured project with full experience, as real as yours. We are specialized in Spanish quality products that will help you to make the difference! We are very happy to have you on board!

Much more than a community

We are a professional network where small producers, retailers, brands and startups find their own voice and space to show, share and buy Spanish quality products. We know your commitment to your customers: make the difference with unique flavours. Welcome to Spainery!

More than a few!

Yes! We are small but huge. We select the best Spanish brands that produce unique and genuine products. Are you searching for new wines, cheeses, ham…? Take a look! We are sure that you will find little treasures in our catalog. And if you don´t, tell us what you are looking for and we will find it for you!

Much more than “to be in Spainery”

 We want to have a proactive role. Call us, chat with us, share your ideas, doubts or questions! We listen to every single suggestion: the good ones, the less good and the crazy ones as well.

No, you don't have to be "X"

Bio, Vegan, Veggy, Eco … – our only requirement is the quality and honesty of your product because we share much more than a label. We are in the same boat, defending the daily work of small producers and brands that want to grow.


13005 Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real, Spain


+34 621 02 12 65
+49 176 20 63 86 97

SPAINERY – Amazing Spanish Products
13005 Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real, Spain
+34 621 02 12 65
+49 176 20 63 86 97