If you have reached this point, we know that you have good taste. It´s a match! Because we also love good food and we love even more sharing unique Spanish flavours for your business. This is why we are specialized in the export of Spanish fine food products

We connect entrepreneurs like you with Spanish food brands through our platform and our personalized services. We do not just select Spanish products. We choose special and genuine flavours and we ship them to your door in 1 order, with 1 delivery, 1 invoice

By the way, we do much more. Do you need some help with your budget? Do you want us to find a specific brand/product? Do you just want to chat about how things are going in your business? GREAT! Let´s talk about your needs. You design your Spainery plan

Spainery as you go

Retailers & Buyers, this is for you!

Find the wooow factor for your customers!

Total product traceability with a story behind

We deliver consolidated orders: 1 order, 1 deliver, 1 invoice. Pay using your preferred method!

Customize your Spainery plan and get free consulting sessions

We are like the genie in a lamp

What is Spainery?

We export high quality Spanish products to Europe.

No tricks. Just a lot of magic. We take care of the logistics. and the problems

Spanish brands and European retailers meet in our platform and get personalized services

Let´s chat! We offer free consulting sessions for your business.

For hungry Brands & Producers

Your showcase to the European markets best suiting your strategy

Control your prices, promotions and any other data

We listen to you and we develop a personalised plan of action for your brand and products

With Spainery you can design a plan according to your needs

We take care of everything. Full stop

Fast & Easy! We only deliver consolidated orders to those retailers who won´t take small direct orders

Spainery as you go!

Experts in Spanish taste